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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  October 21, 2012 9:00pm-9:30pm PDT

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>> one, two, three. the cardinals drop in the ninth. the giants win game six of the national league championship series. tomorrow night they will be back at at&t. one team will emerge as ncls champions and they will be heading to the world series. good evening, i'm terry mcsweeney. and also in is mike shumann. did you predict the giants would go to game seven? >> i tell you what, a lot of people did not. they are an amazing team, terry. we are playing bunt more game in the nlsc. the giants, behind the right arm of ryan vogue, forced a game 7 against the cardinals. no worries in game six. vogelsong had a career high of nine strikeouts tonight. mowing down cardinals as fast as they came to the plate.
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he got plenty of help in the second inning. marco excuse row doing -- scutaro did most of the damage. vogelsong went into high gear. giants force a game seven tomorrow night with a 6-1 victory. all right, let's go live to abc7 sports reporter rick kwan, who is outside@park with reaction from the giants clubhouse on game six. rick, giants refuse to lose. >> certainly this is their m. o. they do not quit, for sure. at any time be long today 35-year-old pitcher ryan vogue. what an amazing story he has been. three years ago he was pitching in japapapan n2010 he came backo the u.s. and got released by the philadelphia phillies. then in 2011 he signed a minor league contract with san francisco. and now he's become the case of the giants postseason with his third straight strong performance. >> it comes down to executing pitches and getting lucky on the
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ones that you don't make. they foul them off or swing through. i still think game two my stuff overall was better. but tonight i had some good mys and some good fortune. >> i am proud to put on the same jersey as that man. we needed that today. he got it going from the beginning, set the seempo early. and coming on hard with the fastball. inside and out. its unbelievable job. >> and with the fans, you know, chanting vogy, vogy, everything it took. he's just an incredible story. for that moment to be out there and to be a part of it, it's something you can't explain, can't describe, but, you know, it's one of the happiest feelings i have ever had for, you know, just to see that moment and see him succeed and pitch the way he did was great. >> so there will be game seven. first pitch at 5:07.
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a pair of 16-game winners tomorrow night, matt cain versus kyle lohse. back to you, mike >> the complete highlights coming up later in sports. >> game 7 tomorrow again. giants and cardinals playing for a world series berth. game starts at 5 carolyn:07. in san francisco the bomb squad is checking out a suspicious traffic in union square. it was discovered in the parking garage about 7:30 tonight. officers have closed down that garage, as well as post and powell streets as they investigate the package. we have a crew at the scene and whether he have any updates as they become available. some good news, the repairs to the san mateo bridge will be done by 5:00 tomorrow morning we are assure, just in time for the monday morning commute, and caltrans said they won't need to
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close the bridge again next weekend as they planned. crews will continue to work the project, but there will be no more slow-moving traffic on the bay bridge due to a frustrated drivers being diverted there. and caltrans said it's getting everything done this weekend. they are up navigating anytime, anywhere in the bay area, download our exclusive waze traffic app. in vallejo an early morning domestic disturbance turned deadly today. that was near redwood street. bizarre story involved a fire, a shooting and several dead animals. we explain the strange turn of events. >> reporter: this is the aftermath of a bizarre rampage. two men, no one only as jason and jeremiah, went on in the early morning hours sunday. >> dispatch got called from multiple callers sag there was
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disturbance at the res debs behind us her and two men were fighting and breaking out windows in front of the house and trying to set the house on fire. >> when police responded to the smoky home after 1:30 a.m. theyen counterts 28-year-old jason uncooperative and nude. police say that's what jeremiah, 29 appeared also make with a loaded rifle. he put the barrel of the rifle to an officer's stomach. >> another officer saw this and fired, discharged his weapon at the man. >> jeremiah was pronounced dead at nearby kaiser hospital. jason is now in custody. after that altercation, the fire engulfed the home. vallejo fire department responded and quickly extinguished it. then officers uncovered a gruesome twist after following a trail of blood. >> they went around the back of the house to check and they usually found three pets that were slaughtered in the backyard >> while investigators still don't know what led to this late
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night violent rampage, one maybe tells me he thinks it was a lovers quarrel gone too far. he said the two men were a couple and that he had heard them fight at times, but he never would have expected this. >> a bit disconcerting. but what are you going to do? >> courtney thomas owns the home where the couple lives. noting their love of collecting gold mercedes cars, gardening and refurbishing antiques for resale. >> they were great. they were here for a little over two years, took care of the house. i had no comp plains. they took care of the yard. and they were just normal people. >> in vallejo, abc7 news. >> a couple of important court cases will begin different phases tomorrow. in oakland the jury begins their first day of deliberation necessary the michelle lee murder case. michelle esteban is charged with killing her. she appeared at a garage in kaiser hospital in hayward last
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year and her body was found four months later. and a teenager that admitted running down his daughter and a nine-year-old in concord. under juvenile law he must be released when he turns 21. he's now 18. the most he can serve is three years. he was 17 when that crash occurred. he pleaded guilty last month for felony vehicular manslaughter >> a man who killed three people in wisconsin is dead himself right now. police say he stormed outside milwaukee yesterday. police say his wife worked there and she had got any restraining order against him on thursday. they are not saying if she was among those killed in the shooting today. still to come at nine a woman hears a frank room on the roof of house. it turns out it's from space. and a white fleck found on
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marchs. there's the speck. see what scientists think this might be. and the raiders go into overtime. schu shows us the miraculous ending coming up in sports. >> and picking up a few returns just off the coast. get ready for some rain tomorrow. tomorrow. we will take a look at lots of prepaid cards come pre-filled with problems. enough is enough. introducing the chase liquid reloadable card. with chase liquid, there's no waiting and no fee to activate you can load cash and checks at any chase depositfriendly atm and there are no withdrawal fees at over 17,500 chase atms all for one flat fee of $4.95 per month. get rid of prepaid problems. get chase liquid.
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>> scientists have recovered the first chunk of that spectacular meteor streaking across the bay area sky wednesday night. there it is. it hit the roof of a house in novato, bounced a couple times and end under on the ground. the homeowner said she heard a loud thud that night. and because the house was so quiet, she just turned afore tv after the giants lost.
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>> and i may not have heard or i may not have taken much note and not really, you know, but the fact it was quiet, wow, this actually could be something. >> and it was. this is what she found in her backyard a couple days later. she contacted scientists who have confirmed this piece of rock is indeed a small chunk of the meteor. and the mars recover made a discovery. this is a particle of rock which has been polished overtime to she a reflective side. the rock will be analyze. scientists hope to have signs of life that may have existed on earth's closest planet aary neighbor. and these are two galaxies 200 light years away.
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scientists say in 3.75 billion years the milky way galaxy we call home will merge and if humans survive, we won't be on earth any more. it will make the earth too hot to in habit. maybe we should start tolan what we will be doing those billion of years from now. i'm going to be coming up on a birthday, i think. >> you think about that. we will take you back out to the ballpark. the giants were just terrific today. >> fantastic. >> here's look from our east bay cam. look out over at&t park. there was some cloudiness out there. we will see more clouds increase. folks, check out live doppler 7 hd. already picking up some returns right near the coast. we were talking about very strong cold front heading toward the bay area. check out some of the darker greens, even some yellows right
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now. this moving in our direction. and it's going to make for a very, very sloppy morning commute tomorrow. here is a look as we take a look at just how far off the coast it is from the golden gate bridge, sitting about 39 miles. it will continue to move in our direction. and the north coast you can see a lot of enhancement here, even red denoting isolated thunderstorms. this the of the cold front. it will slowly sag south overnight tonight and it will greet us about 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 tomorrow. that's a frontal band that will move through. expect heavy rain and strong, gusty winds. 57 for antioch. here's lock at the forecast. the rain will arrive overnight tonight. rain and wind for your monday morning commute. and then it looks like more showers move in as we head into tuesday night and wednesday. here is the actual cold front staying together really nicely, especially right here.
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the tail end of this being enhanced and this is what is going to move over us in the next, i would say, six to twelve hours, making for a very wet morning. in fact, here is a look at our timing. by 5:00 a.m. tomorrow you will see the leading edge that of cold front starts to move through the north bay. look near santa rosa, some oranges and very heavy rain. this is 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. it pushes out toward the east and south bay. we get a little bit of a break, about 1:00, 3:00. and more scattered showers move in by 4:00 and another moisture moves in 10:00 and it will stay with us throughout the evening until tuesday morning and after that we look for the drying to take place. in terms of the game tomorrow, looks like we may put a few isolated showers in the forecast for game 7 tomorrow. doesn't look like it will be a rainout, but with so much moisture around we couldn't rule out a stray shower. about an inch and a half out of
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the first system in the bay area, otherwise we look for rainfall amounts anywhere from a quarter to possibly half an inch. if you are heading to tahoe tomorrow, take the chains. very gusty winds. almost wheat out conditions. snow will be coming down as much as three to six inches of snow. lows tonight in the 50s with increasing wind and increasing rain. we will look for 50s and mid-6 0s into the east bay for monday. and santa cruz a little bit of a break in the day. 58 degrees and 62 gilroy. accuweather seven-day forecast, we look for showers again monday night, early tuesday morning. then a nice break tuesday afternoon and another series of rain will move in by wednesday. we get wet and then thursday, friday, saturday and sunday we dry up and start to warm back up into the 70s. >> not to get too far ahead of ourselves, but world series is going to open at the national league winner and that would have nice weather. >> exactly. >> just ahead, why a man said
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big foot trashed his rv. and a good sign for progress stone fans. why a first show in years could lead to a tour in u.s. and the giants refuse to lose in the nlcs. they force a game 7 tomorrow thanks to the pitcher ryan
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>> raise your glass to the rolling stones. they are playing two concerts this year. this will be the first time in five years they have been together on stage and it's a good sign for stones' fans. he said playing together feels so good, it's infectious and could lead to more shows in europe and the u.s. it'sal between season and
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that means americans will pack theaters in the next two weeks to see scare movies and this week paranormal movies pulled them in. paranormal 4 pulled in more than 30 million bucks. and adam sandler spook fest hotel transylvania picked up $13.5 million. schu is here now. you have a lot to talk about. >> i'm telling you, can you say game seven, boys and girls in the giants and cardinals will face off tomorrow in game seven of the nlcs. winner going to the world series to face detroit thanks to an incredible performance by giants pitcher ryan vogelsong. the giants psyching themselves up before the game. a loose bunch and it worked. vogelsong came out like a flamethrower, strike out jon jay, beltran, craig in the first inning. set the tone. and vogelsong smacked one to short. he goes and can't handle the ball. brand belt scores on the error.
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and marco scutaro sends one to left. and chris carpenter. brandon to crawford and vogelsong scored. giants on top, 4-0. next batter. pablo sandoval. singles to center. that scores scutaro. vogelsong then went into high gear after the 5 point push sheen. one run, four hits, one walk and nine case. giants force game seven with a 6-1 victory. they have won five straight games facing a elimination. >> he was on top of his game again. he's had great stuff. he's locating,'s tough and had it going on again tonight. really was going in and out and had his good off-speed pitches going. he did everything he wanted to do to us. and we got trouble with him and he's made great pitches against us. we've made very little adjustments. he's not making any mistakes so it's a tough combination for us.
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>> 5:07 tomorrow first pitch. raiders are a work in progress. they seem to take a few steps forward and then a few steps back. today against jacksonville they stuck together for an ugly overtime victory. we are adding some pink to the silver and black. breast cancer awareness month in the nfl. the second quarter, rashad jennings. he finds him. 14-3. third quarter, the touchdown. and he hits moore. he does the rest. oakland trails 20. fourth and ten, palmer to the end zone. gets interfered with, automatic first down ask carson keeps it himself for the score. raiders crawl back and tie it at 23. heading to overtime. jaguars get it first. jennings to short. and houston says i'll take kerry of that. raiders recover. makes this one from 40.
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raiders come from behind to win 26-23. they are now 2-4. >> i'm pleased with the way we played, especially in the first half absolutely not, we have to play better were but when get an opportunity to win in the fat football league, i'm happy. >> it wasn't pretty. we did not play up to our standard and play the way we are coached at times. but guys hung in there, defense played great and good to get out of here with a win. >> nascar. kansas speedway, five races remaining. the race record, season high 14 and danica patrick in the line. spinning out and finishing 32nd. and it was like terry driving home last night. the checkered flag and second win of the chase. he is 7 points over five time champion jimmie johnson the. and on harrison street it
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was worth closing the street to see harold and dennison duke it out on the bmx. he made it a tough decision with this incredible move. a great weekend tore extreme sports enthusiasts with the do-tour in town. more from the giants tonight at 11. hope to see you then. what a story it's been this postseason. >> fantastic. keep it going, schu. thanks very much. a big foot sighting is reported back east. why a man said his
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>> coming up tonight at 11 an abc7 news i-team investigation. a bay area crime lab putting victims' dna information into
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the stem. and what we found out. rain in the forecast but how do we know what's ahead? we will show you what we mean when we say we are tracking a storm. that's ton at eleven. a pennsylvania man said big foot is responsible for trashing his rv. >> that's what he sounded like, said john reid. he's been tracking big foot since a kid. while camping several weeks ago he said a massive animal passed his camper. when he went to investigate he said he saw big foot staring right at him through the trees. didn't take a picture, though. he and his girlfriend stayed at the sight for several more days. didn't see big foot again. but someone or something vandalized his rv and reid said big foot likely was marking his territory. that's it for abc7 news a


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